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Bright Laundry Room

This laundry room has upper and lower cabinetry providing ample storage

laundry dream

The dream laundry room has drawers and upper cabinetry for additional storage.

KC  Laundry Room

A hanging bar is placed over the sink for drip dry items. Countertops allow for easy folding

Rustic Cherry Laundry 1

Cubbies add to the design of this beautiful laundry room unit

Rustic Cherry Laundry 2

This is the other side of the rustic cherry laundry which shows the wire baskets and machines. A well thought out room.

KC Blue Laundry

This simple laundry room has clean lines and good countertops for folding

Maple Laundry

This Maple laundry room has solid maple doors ready to be stained or painted.

Grey / White Laundry

The hanging rod over the sink allows for drip dry items and plenty of room for folding on the beautiful countertops

Blue Laundry

This unit has a tall broom closet for holding mops, ironing board and other oversized items

KC White Laundry 1

This laundry room unit has plenty of countertops and tall storage for oversized items. A hidden ironing board completes the functionality

KC White Laundy 2

The same unit showing the hidden ironing board extended out and ready to be used.

KC White Laundry 3

The right side of the laundry room shows the machines with wall hung cabinetry.

KC White Laundy 4

The final picture in the group shows the tall unit and a garbage receptacle for lint.

Black & White Laundry

This laundry room has beautiful black countertops and a sink with hanging for drip dry items

Crown Molding Laundry

This laundry room has crown molding added to the unit to give a classic finished look to the cabintry.

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